About Us

Do you miss “Home Cooked” food when being away from

your home because of Studying, Working or Traveling ?

“Moving Meals – Heat 2 Eat” has the Positive Solution

May it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, Moving Meals offers vegetarian snacks, vegetarian gravies, dals, rice dishes and much more. These items are dehydrated and dry packed hygienically in standard (1-2 serving) sizes to ensure the goodness of flavor and taste. 

Ideal for students, singles, travelers, NRIs, sport persons, campers, trekkers, people working late nights & busy professionals. The dishes get ready in just a jiffy by adding hot water and /or up to 5 minutes of heating in microwave or the gas as convenient.

DEHYDRATION: It is the process where with the help of modern technology & equipment, the moisture content of cooked food is extracted and removed. This converts the food in a granular form without any loss of color, taste, flavor and more importantly without the loss of any Nutritional values. This process also does need addition of preservatives or any other chemicals. This stabilized dehydrated food can be packed and stored for longer period of time before reusing it very easily.

Most of the food packets available in the market contain preservatives/chemicals and cannot be eaten on an everyday basis. This is where “Moving Meals- Heat 2 Eat” is different.

BENEFITS of using Our “Moving Meals – Heat 2 Eat” services:

  • Food without any preservatives or chemical agents of any kind. 

  • Food retaining its original taste, aroma, color, appearance and nutritional values.

  •  Reduction in weight of the Dehydrated food makes it easy to carry or courier it.

  • If stored under suggested conditions, can be stored for more than few months.

  • Very convenient, easy and fast way to serve & enjoy “Home cooked food” of personal choice.

  • Extremely easy and convenient way to avoid forbidden foods on Medical & Religious reasons.


Enjoy eating food of personal desired choice ANYTIME ANYWHERE  AROUND THE WORLD !!!!